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Don’t forget to give our new Organic Halva a try. Most people have never heard of it. It’s a sesame tahini sweetmeat from the Middle East and it’s never been made organically. It’s ancient origins are disputed –some say India, others Turkey, others say it was definitely Byzantine. We found an exceptionally delicious version made organically in California. Eat it straight or sprinkle on ice cream or make a cheesecake! Give it a try.

Cheesecake already has a reputation for being an indulgent treat, but our halvah cheesecake is on a whole other level. We went all out on this one, swirling together vanilla bean tahini and chocolate cheesecake fillings, pouring it over chunks of rich halva and baking it atop a chocolatey brownie crust. We’re always looking for more places to add our fan favorite Zingerman’s Magic Brownies. Our Halvah Swirl Cheesecake is the new definition of indulgence! We’re sharing the recipe so you can serve up a slice to wow your guests, or to reward yourself. We think you deserve it.

Unfamiliar with wonders of Halvah? Our friends at Hebel & Co, a family owned maker in California, describe it like this:

“Generally speaking, halva is the combination of a seed or nut butter and a sweetener. But the real magic lies in the process and technique; it’s what creates the unique texture that is halva. In many regions of the world, one has to apprentice to become a halva master! Passed down from generation to generation, it’s a skill that requires dedication, and strong shoulders. Architecturally speaking, it’s a fascinating work of science and chemistry. We like to explain the texture as sort of a flaky, cottony, crispy, airy, melt-on-your-tongue lusciousness.”

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