Concentrating on vegetables since 2007

Our mission is to sell the freshest, best-tasting organic produce, and fruit to provide healthy food for healthy individuals, families, and communities. We also believe in our Farmers who strive to create a nurturing relationship with the ecosystem, producing nutrient-rich, delectable produce, and fruit.

Fresh Produce


Our Farmers love their Produce!

The Yelm Co-op farmers light up our produce department with fresh, nutritious, vegetables, and herbs. Our farmers practise cutting edge regenerative organic techniques and tools to mimic and strengthen natural cycles without the use of synthetic chemicals,pesticides or herbicides.We offer in store a wide variety of unique and heirloom vegetables, medicinal herbs, as well as timeless favourites.

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Happy Farmers = Sweet Fruit!

Maybe you want strawberries to put in your smoothie every morning. Maybe you’re looking for a delicious and sweet peach for that family crisp this weekend. Perhaps a lovely apple is your key to keeping the doctor away. Whatever the reason, we are here to provide the best quality organic Fruits possible. We do it because we can and our members expect it. You tell us if you have your favorite fruits and we will do our best to provide. We love our hard-working farmers that are inspired and perfecting their crafts. Take it from us, happy farmers make sweet fruits!

Supporting Our Local Producers


Are Leeks part of the SuperFood Clan? by Ute Jarlik It's this time of year: the Leeks are ready to be harvested and we have some local ones from the Rising River Farm, which are exceptional in taste and looks. Leeks are part of the onion family, are easy to grow and...

Boulder Canyon Thin & Crispy Potato chips

We are really excited to bring you these Boulder Canyon Thin & Crispy Potato chips. Classic Sea Salt and Cheddar Sour Cream are both incredible.

Amazing Grass Plant Protein Blend

Check out all the Amazing Grass options we have at the Yelm Food Co-op. It’s a brew-tiful day for a proffee

Little Secrets Nougat Salted Caramel Creamy Nougat Bars

Little Secrets Nougat Salted Caramel Creamy Nougat Bars.

Yerba Mate Bombilla Straws

We’ve moved the Mate Factor Yerba Mate Bombilla Straws next to the Yerba Mate as we thought that might make sense for you Yerba Mate lovers!!

Halloween frogs, skulls, pops and variety packs.

While it might seem a little early, all the stores are doing it, so we thought we would too! We’ve got frogs, skulls, pops and variety packs for you.


So here we have a cheese-apolooza, lots of new and exciting cheeses for you. BUF Mozzarella is made from Buffalo milk and it makes some of the most delicious mozzarella you’ve ever tasted. Sartori Merlot and Cherrywood Smoked Cheddar are equally delicious. Kourellas...


At the end of the day and since the dawn of time, we’ve always just been bacteria.  Each of us possesses our own unique microbiome: a multi-trillion sized army of single cell organisms that protect us against germs, break down our meals, release energy and produce...

Upton’s Chick & Noodle and Chick Tortilla Soups

When selecting flavors for our new line of canned soups, Chick & Noodle was an obvious choice along with Chick Tortilla. This is a vegan take on a very classic flavor—made with thyme, rosemary and our own Chick Seitan. With savory vegetables, hearty pieces of...

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