Our Lotions and Potions are Safe

Looking for your best and feeling great are what we want for all our members. We have carefully curated a selection of natural beauty products to best serve you and your family. We live in an age of incredible empowerment with so many choices at our fingertips. And we want you to shine from the inside out! Start your day with our soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions. Find your daily ritual that includes the finest, cleanest and purest essential oils. Because we believe you deserve it all. Chemical free and organic beauty products for you and your family.

Health & Beauty


Multivitamins for Life!

Try one of our Men’s multivitamin full of superfoods and probiotics that support immune bone and brain health for the favorite guy in your house. Have you been taking all your Bs?  Come and investigate our vetted selections of certified non-GMO, certified raw, and clean superior vitamins. We have all your needs for moms, dads, teens, and the wee ones. Vitamins are considered essential for your body to perform and help to shore up vital systems like your immune system. They also convert food into usable energy and help the body to repair and heal itself.

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For Your Wellbeing

Whether you prefer your supplements in tablets, capsules, powders, gelcaps, or liquids form, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Dietary supplements can support your mental health in times of stress. If you have a sports-related injury or need to improve your immune we have multiple products for your benefit and wellbeing. Our Members have high standards and know we will find the best organic supplements available on the market!


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Skin Care

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Hair Care

We Love Your Hair

Treat your hair to 98% nature-derived, non-gmo verified, gluten free and vegetarian products. We care here at Yelm Co-op that we find the finest hair care products that have  never been tested on animals- certified cruelty free. Want natural innovation and the latest ingredient biotechnology? You deserve effective, natural hair care without the silicones and sulphates. Science driven technology has found the natural way to manage your damaged, dull, colored or dehydrated hair.

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Wear It!

We have vetted a selection of cosmetics chosen for being earth conscious and ethically aware. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products. Each product is tested during and after manufacturing for pH values, viscosity, microorganisms, or any other contaminants. And no preservatives other than a natural preservative, Potassium Sorbate (plant/sorbic acid/unripe berries).



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Supporting Our Local Producers

Alexandre larger size Organic A2/A2 Milk & Chocolate Milk

Members who really appreciate the combination of Alexandre’s Organic and A2/A2 milk and cream have been asking for larger size bottles, so here is their 28oz Chocolate Milk and their 48oz 6% Milk. Coming Soon: their delicious Eggnog and watch out for their new Organic...

TruEarth Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

Members love our Tru Earth Eco Laundry Strips so we thought we’d bring in their Wool Dryer Balls. *Set of 4 Original Tru Earth 100% Premium Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls (no fillers) *Softens Laundry Naturally - Made with 100% sheep wool. No Chemicals or...

Aleia’s Gluten-Free delicious Almond Horns and Gluten-Free Savory Stuffing.

Aleia’s Gluten-Free delicious Almond Horns and perfect for the holidays Savory Stuffing.

October Special: Mina Moroccan Tangine Sauces

On Member Special this Month. A taste of Morocco, Mina Tangine Sauces for Chicken or Lamb, Preserved Lemons and Harissa. Time to wake up your winter palate.

Collagen Day Cream, Collagen Night Creme, Flaxseed Oil & Organic Neem Oil

Here are some more member requests. One for Collagen Skin Care, so we have a Collagen Day Cream from Insta Natural and Collagen Night Creme from Reviva Labs. Another for Flaxseed Oil Cold-Pressed capsules from Zhou and Organic Neem oil choices from Neem Aura and Uncle...

Hail Merry Meyer Lemon Cups; Tate’s Coconut Crisp Cookies; Angies Boom Chicka Pop Chocolate Drizzled Kettle Corn.

Here are some tasty new choices. Hail Merry Meyer Lemon Citrus Cups; Tate’s Coconut Crisp Cookies, uniquely crisp, deeply delicious; Angies Boom Chicka Pop Dark Chocolate Flavored Drizzed Sea Salt Kettle Corn.

Dr. Goodpet Flea Relief, Ear Relief and Eye-C.

New at the co-op Dr. Goodpet Flea Relief, Ear Relief and Eye-C. For more than 30 years, pet owners have been using Dr. Goodpet to heal their dogs and cats with all-natural, homeopathic formulas that are made right here in the USA.

Chico 3-Layer Face Masks

New color choices for these 3-Layer Chico Face Masks. They are very comfortable while giving extra protection.

Lily’s Delicious Holiday Sugar-Free & Less Sugar Chocolates.

Since its inception, Lily’s Sweets has been committed to supporting causes we love and believe in. We pledge a percentage of our earnings to non-profit organizations that support the fight against childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Latte Mix, Culinary Matcha and Ceremonial Matcha

Organic Cafe Style Matcha Latte Mix - Original Create delicious matcha lattes at home! Lightly sweetened cafe style blend Just add your favorite milk (almond, oat, soy, coconut, dairy - all work great) Mixes easily in hot or iced preparations 100% USDA Organic, All...

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