Go Package Free

Skip the boxes and go package free, our bulk food section is the natural extension to your kitchen pantry full of the items you use every day. Save money and the environment by using allowing us to buy in bulk and use less packaging.

Your Food Co-Op

Shop with us and find that afternoon chocolate bar for the office or snack on your weekend hike. Teas and Coffee that enrich your spirit and enliven your senses. Pasta and sauce made with organic ingredients providing taste and nutrition for your family and friends.Find the perfect baked goods from our local bakeries for your morning breakfast or afternoon snack.

Fresh Produce Daily

The Yelm Co-op farmers light up our produce department with fresh, nutritious, vegetables, and herbs. Our farmers practise cutting edge regenerative organic techniques and tools to mimic and strengthen natural cycles without the use of synthetic chemicals,pesticides or herbicides.We offer in store a wide variety of unique and heirloom vegetables, medicinal herbs, as well as timeless favourites.

The Yelm Food Co-Op Natural Food Market

The Yelm Food co-op is a natural foods market that is owned and run by its members. We sell consciously selected foods that reflect our communities values.  Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op and choose from our excellent selection of fresh organic produce, bulk foods, vitamins & herbs, body care, earth-friendly products and an all organic wine cellar.

About UsWhy Co-Op?

Welcome to your local
community owned food Co-Op, 

Fresh Produce

You believe in eating nutrient-rich, delectable produce that is also organic!

Meat & Seafood

What do you love to roast? We have all your carnivore and pescatarian needs.

Cheese & Dairy

Cheese for lunch and dinner? You can have it all!


Sure, snacks can be good for you! Eat your handcrafted and certified treats.

Plant Based / Vegan

Keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, or low carb. Follow your desire.

Package Free

Save the planet, buy bulk. We love the way you think!


Who bakes anymore? You do! Time to make your favorite cookies.


Hydrate the right way. Get all your nutritious and delicious drinks and help yourself to caffeinated ones tool

Canned Goods

Sometimes you just want to open a can. What you find inside is a delicious creation.


We want you to cover your favorite foods in our unique selection of spices and sauces.

Health & Beauty

What is wellness and beauty to you? Come explore our selves for lotions, potions, and more.


There you go again saving the planet by using toxic and chemical-free cleaning products

Wine Cellar of Yelm

Luscious reds for every occasion …. refreshing whites and rose wines to delight you …. Bubbles for every day!  The wine cellar of yelm has a uniquely curated selection of wines that not only taste great but reflect our values with organic and sulfate-free options.  You can be confident that every bottle was chosen to meet our standards.

Supporting Our Local Producers

10% Discounts Every Sunday in December

Holiday Candies

Here’s the start of our Holiday candy. Lots of great stocking stuffers.

BigDipperWaxworks Holiday Candles

We’re excited to receive our holiday order from Seattle based Big Dipper Waxworks. Check out the cute new Pine Cones in three sizes and the Lotus Sphere and Flora Sphere

Winter Sprouting Beans & Screens

How about some fresh bean sprouts when it’s difficult to grow veggies out of doors during the winter. We’ve got new Handy Pantry Sprouting Seeds to use with our Masontop Bean Screen Sprouting Lids.

Applegate Turkey Hot Dogs and Ferndale Ground Turkey

Shelton’s Turkey products are out till March next year, so we’ve brought in some Applegate Turkey Hot Dogs and some Ferndale Ground Turkey instead.

Goodies from Germany & Italy

We’re tapping into a little European gourmet for the holidays!! From Germany, Desiree Wafers and Mestemacher Pumpernickel, Whole Rye Bread and Organic Whole Rye Bread; and from Italy, the world famous Amaretti di Saronno Almond Cookies.

Califia Protein Oat Milk

How about some great prices on these new Califia Protein Oat Milk in both Original and Vanilla.

Riega Taco Seasoning & Brianna’s Avocado Oil Salad Dressings

Brianna’s Avocado Oil based Salad Dressings. Herb Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Dairy-free Garden Ranch. Members love all things Riega, so we thought we’d better bring in their original Taco Seasoning.

Diamond Walnut 9 inch Pie Crust

Diamond Walnut 9 inch Pie Crust can be used for sweet or savory pies.

Sweet and Savory, Jennies and PORQ

Sweet and Savory! New Jennie’s Very Vanilla and Double Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow Bites and Organic Key Lime Coconut Bites. New PORQ Fine Herbs & Vinaigrette and Smokey Black Pepper & Sea Salt Pork Rinds.

New COVID-19 Requirements in effect!
Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-25.8, Stay Safe-Stay Healthy, these requirements are effective November 16, 2020
Click Here to see how this impacts our in store shopping.