Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-25.8, Stay Safe-Stay Healthy

All businesses operating have a general obligation to keep a safe and healthy facility in accordance with state and federal law, and comply with the following COVID-19 worksite-specific safety practices, as outlined in Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Proclamation 20-25, and in accordance with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries General Requirements and Prevention Ideas for Workplaces and the Washington State Department of Health Workplace and Employer Resources & Recommendations at https://www.doh.wa.gov/Coronavirus/workplace.

COVID 19, We Will Get Through This!

The health of our members and our community is very important to us.  As an essential business, the Yelm Food Co-op will be operating during the recent pandemic in a restricted capacity in order to comply with state regulations.

What do you need to know about coming into the store?

  • From the moment you park your vehicle and when you enter and leave the store, please maintain 6ft of separation between other people.
  • Signs will be posted and markers to aid in keeping 6 feet apart
  • Hand Sanitizer and masks are available at the front desk.
  • Masks are required for all customers, if you don’t have one on we will give you one to wear.
  • Guest occupancy is limited to 25% of capacity.

What are we doing to keep our store and workplace safe?

  • Frequently sanitizing surfaces.
  • Installed Plexiglass Shields between cashiers and customers on all cash registers
  • Enforced staff usage of masks.


    Dear Customer,

    Please wear your mask while you are shopping in order to protect the co-op from possible fines, or worse.
    Your Yelm Food Co-op is at risk of being fined $10,000 if found to serve customers who are not wearing masks…

    Please help support the Co-op avoid such a fine by wearing a mask. If you don’t have one with you, we would be happy to provide one.

    Thank you so much!

    Supporting Our Local Producers

    Valentines goodies

    Don’t forget to pick up a yummy Valentines gift. We will be sampling our Valentines Macarons on Wednesday. Sampling Wednesday

    Rustic Red Popcob

    Pilot Knob is really fun. GMO Free Microwave Corn on the Cob. Rustic Red Popcob. Just pop it in the microwave and watch the corn pop.

    Off the Farm

    Off the Farm has a huge selection of flavors. We picked a couple of new ones that we really loved. Cranberry Almond is another one of their Meal Bars, the Peanut Butter Chocolate is from their protein range. 22grams of protein, 12grams of fiber and very little...

    Nixie Sparkling Water

    New flavor for us. Nixie Black Cherry Lime Sparkling Water

    Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener

    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener Honeysuckle Scent

    Lakanto Monkfruit

    Monkfruit Extract Drops. THE IMMORTALS' FRUIT Monk fruit is a small round fruit in the gourd family, also known as Luo Han Guo, named after the Luo Han monks who discovered it. The monks were healers of people and stewards of the land. We carry on that tradition today...

    Tom Bumble

    Tom Bumble Nutty (peanut butter flake candy with peanuts and chocolate) and Tom Bumble Smooth (peanut butter flake candy with chocolate) from Portland Oregon. Back in stock after a long time.

    Yelm Food Co-op Special Deal

    Organic Soy Sauces

    It’s been years and we’ve finally found some Organic Soy Sauce options for you. Soy is Shoyu. We have Ohsawa Nama Shoyu & San-J Organic Shoyu Brewed Soy Sauce. Ohsawa Nama Shoyu is Unpasteurized - Fresh & Alive! Made with mountain spring water Naturally low in...

    Cadia Fruit Smoothie

    How about a taste bud explosion summer smoothie in the middle of winter? Cadia organic cherries and mangoes will do the job.