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I wholeheartedly know that everything that goes on in the co-op is authentic and of pure intent. Everybody gives of their heart and soul, paid and not paid, to help us be a cooperative.

– Volunteer Robyn Hawk

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Volunteer at your Co-Op

Simply put, the Yelm Food Co-operative does not exist without volunteers. We call them ‘working members’ and they contribute time, energy, talent, and expertise across many different areas. Working members qualify for discounts and other benefits, not to mention our annual Working Member Appreciation bash every December. Here are the core areas where you can make a difference:


Requires strong communication and customer service skills, initiative, understanding of the Co-op structure, and ability to multi-task. This position requires a strong knowledge of basic math functions, calculators, and computers or experience with Point of Sale systems.


Requires self-motivation, customer service skills, and the ability to lift up to 25 lbs. Will work the floor as needed under the direction of the shift lead or manager.

Price comparison shopper

Requires a self-motivated person who will conduct weekly price comparisons of YFC products with local Yelm and Olympia markets.

Graphic Artist

Experience in computer graphics required. We need a person to create flyers, cinema ads, email ads, and announcements. this is sporadic but critical work and typically requires a short turn-around.

Event Planner

Must have above-average communication and organizational skills. Be able to multi-task, think outside the box, and troubleshoot problems. The planner must have the ability to work with all types of people and be able to not only visualize an event from start to finish but to understand the steps needed to accomplish it.

Grant Writer

During these formative stages of the Co-op, this is a Pro Bono position. The position can be reviewed every 90 days as the financial conditions of the organization change.

Advertising and Promotions

Plan and direct advertising policies and programs or produce collateral materials, such as posters, coupons, or giveaways, to create interest in the purchase of Co-op store products or any other service for any part of the entire Yelm Cooperative organization. This is a Pro Bono position.

Communications & Public Relations

He/she will produce and disseminate materials for communicating information about the Co-op and its program; coordinate the content of the Co-op website and Facebook page and production of The Grapevine; develop and oversee the Co-op’s branding and image; represent the Co-op with the media; and maintain an updated photo library and database of contacts. This is a Pro Bono position.

Supporting Our Local Producers

Pine Nuts & Pesto Recipe

These Organic Pine nuts from Woodstock come in a resealable pouch. Refrigerate after opening.    

Organic Valley Egg Bites

Organic Valley Egg Bites are the only organic egg bites on the market, and they are delicious and also happen to be on special this month. A perfect time to give them a try. Uncured Ham & Swiss; Perfectly cooked, fluffy and tender bites of eggs mixed with uncured...

Almond flour Fettuccine

All the dente. None of the grains. “Worth every penny”. Our almond flour fettuccine isn’t like traditional pasta. The texture is silkier. The taste is butterier. Which doesn’t sound like a word but is. It cooks in 90 seconds or less. It speaks your name when you twirl...

Cypress Grove Fresh Goat Cream Cheese

Cypress Grove ‘Straight Up’ is fresh goat cheese, plain and simple. It’s just like cream cheese. Our Straight Up fresh goat cheese is soft and pillowy with a subtle tang and lightly salted finish. Starting with perfectly cultured milk, our fresh goat cheese cups...

Ferndale Farmstead Mozzarella

Unlike most, this is real tasty Mozzarella. Within the heart of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington state, three generations of the Wavrin family are proud to present artisan cheese crafted in the Italian tradition. This happens on our farm in Ferndale. We use only...

Goat Milk Ghee

Goat Milk Ghee Ghee is clarified butter from pastured, grass-fed goats. Contains the essential fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Mt. Capra grass-fed goat milk ghee is high in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). Use it to boost the beneficial fatty...

Carob Powder & Chocolate Syrup

Customer request. Missy J’s Organic Carob Powder from Sweet Aussie. NuNaturals Pourable Chocolate Syrup with Stevia.

Alaffia, Soothing Touch

Soothing Touch Lip Balms. Vanilla Chia and Coconut Lime. Alaffia Neem Turmeric Charcoal Deodorant

La Colombe Coffee

Triple Shot, Mocha and Oatmilk: The full taste and texture of a true cold latte, complete with a frothy layer of silky foam - now with more coffee! Triple Draft Latte is made with whole, real ingredients like nutrient-rich milk and 3 shots of cold-pressed espresso....

Proud Source Sparkling Water

An addition to our Proud Source range of Still Water, here is their Sparkling Water line. Like their Still Water, it’s fresh tasting and in lightweight reusable bottles.

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