About Us

Since 2007, we’ve been offering healthy alternatives for local shoppers who care about where their food comes from. We are a hub for fresh, local, organic, and GMO-free products that help to create a sustainable food supply for our community. Many of our vendors live right here in Thurston County, and you may run into them when you visit the store.

Everyone is welcome!

Whether you’ve been a co-op member since birth or are brand new to the concept, our staff can help. All of us are knowledgeable about the products we carry and we’re happy to share that knowledge. You don’t need to be a member to shop here, but you won’t want to miss out on the many benefits of becoming a member. We offer the following services to our community:

  • We accept food stamps
  • We honor other co-op’s memberships.
  • We offer servicemen and women who present military ID or are in uniform member prices and other buying privileges.

Get Involved. Volunteers, also known as Working Members, are the backbone of our organization. They contribute time and energy to everything from cashiering and stocking items to creating signs and helping with special events. Want to get involved?


  • To be a central location for our community reflecting values of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To serve our community by investing in our local food producers and businesses. 
  • To be able to promote the values of organic, healthy foods.
  • To be a place of education for our community with regard to these principles.


Our mission is to continually grow our organization by educating ourselves and practicing the fundamental principles of cooperation, membership service and community service on an ongoing basis.

We are a community-owned grocery store that serves the community’s needs, not the needs of big corporations. We source our products as close to home as possible. By sourcing locally and selling sustainable and natural products, The Yelm Food Coop keeps our community’s money in the local economy, which promotes local independence.


  • Ashleigh Kunchick – Cashier
  • Brenda Hough – Cashier
  • Christina Hoelzer – Cashier / Shiftlead
  • Debera Ricalde – Floor Manager
  • Emily Ranken – Store Manager
  • Florence Vincent  – Buyer / Merchandiser
  • Glenadine O’Harra – Cashier
  • Jutta Dewell – Store Manager
  • Margaret Gilbride – Cashier / Wine Department Manager
  • Meshelle Almandinger – Floor manager
  • Michael Burke – Cashier
  • Monica Fox – Cashier/Floor lead
  • Ute Christine Jarlik – Floor manager
  • Yoko Fujiwara – Cashier 

How are we doing financially?

Daily totals from the pont of sale system

Expenses updated the third week of the next month.

Supporting Our Local Producers

Valentines goodies

Don’t forget to pick up a yummy Valentines gift. We will be sampling our Valentines Macarons on Wednesday. Sampling Wednesday

Rustic Red Popcob

Pilot Knob is really fun. GMO Free Microwave Corn on the Cob. Rustic Red Popcob. Just pop it in the microwave and watch the corn pop.

Off the Farm

Off the Farm has a huge selection of flavors. We picked a couple of new ones that we really loved. Cranberry Almond is another one of their Meal Bars, the Peanut Butter Chocolate is from their protein range. 22grams of protein, 12grams of fiber and very little...

Nixie Sparkling Water

New flavor for us. Nixie Black Cherry Lime Sparkling Water

Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener Honeysuckle Scent

Lakanto Monkfruit

Monkfruit Extract Drops. THE IMMORTALS' FRUIT Monk fruit is a small round fruit in the gourd family, also known as Luo Han Guo, named after the Luo Han monks who discovered it. The monks were healers of people and stewards of the land. We carry on that tradition today...

Tom Bumble

Tom Bumble Nutty (peanut butter flake candy with peanuts and chocolate) and Tom Bumble Smooth (peanut butter flake candy with chocolate) from Portland Oregon. Back in stock after a long time.

Yelm Food Co-op Special Deal

Organic Soy Sauces

It’s been years and we’ve finally found some Organic Soy Sauce options for you. Soy is Shoyu. We have Ohsawa Nama Shoyu & San-J Organic Shoyu Brewed Soy Sauce. Ohsawa Nama Shoyu is Unpasteurized - Fresh & Alive! Made with mountain spring water Naturally low in...

Cadia Fruit Smoothie

How about a taste bud explosion summer smoothie in the middle of winter? Cadia organic cherries and mangoes will do the job.