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Oh how we love our special spices, those sublime oils and creative sauces. When you are the chef in your kitchen you want and deserve the very best!  The best salts and seasonings can make your meal unforgettable. Oils that are made with exceptional ingredients make the finest dressings. Sauces can set your pasta apart from the norm. We carry a wonderful variety of such items which have trusted names in the organic industry. Why trusted? Because of quality ingredients and consistent craftsmanship.




Handcrafted gourmet sauces are what our Members require and we don’t disappoint. Zesty cilantro or ghost pepper tamarind for the adventures chef is an excellent choice for a marinade. Keto-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic sauces line our shelves. Play with your choices! Organic Asian fusion spicy general tso or sweet and sour sauce for your chicken. Of course, we have the all-purpose Tamari gluten free and organic sauce. Classic bbq sauces for your summer grill nights and sesame teriyaki for marinating tofu in. All ingredients are certified organic and many are gluten-free, keto, and paleo certified.

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The Spice of Life!

What would your grilling your chicken breast be without the sprinkle of poultry seasoning? With these carefully selected spices, you will make your family meal taste remarkable. High-quality organic ingredients are the key to the spice season blends. Enjoy and explore our ethically and sustainably sourced spices. From Himalayan salt to exotic peppers you will not be disappointed.

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Bring the Exotic and Classic to your salad!

Adding a cold-pressed organic extra virgin oil olive to any dressing, salad or stir fry brings the Mediterranean to your home! In addition, cold-pressed olive oil retains more nutrients and is loaded with healthy fats, vitamins E and K. Grapeseed oil have high antioxidant properties that help prevent heart disease and some cancers. Add it when you want to add fat rather than flavor to a dish. Grapeseed oil also has a high smoke point for grilling, sauteing, and searing foods like a well-marbled steak. Still, need more variety? Try Sunflower oil for roasting potatoes or use it in baking as a replacement for butter. This oil also has a high smoke point and is beneficial to your health. In addition, nut oils like walnut, peanut, and almond oils are available.


Let’s Play Dress Up!

Any salad would love to be topped with vegan ranch dressing made with avocado oil and certified organic, paleo, and sugar-free. We carry an entire line of avocado dressings. If you prefer a vinaigrette for your massaged kale salad, please take home a balsamic or sesame tamari one. Ranch dressing for your Ceasar salad is always a family favorite and with prime selected high quality organic ingredients your salad will shine.

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Supporting Our Local Producers

Valentines goodies

Don’t forget to pick up a yummy Valentines gift. We will be sampling our Valentines Macarons on Wednesday. Sampling Wednesday

Rustic Red Popcob

Pilot Knob is really fun. GMO Free Microwave Corn on the Cob. Rustic Red Popcob. Just pop it in the microwave and watch the corn pop.

Off the Farm

Off the Farm has a huge selection of flavors. We picked a couple of new ones that we really loved. Cranberry Almond is another one of their Meal Bars, the Peanut Butter Chocolate is from their protein range. 22grams of protein, 12grams of fiber and very little...

Nixie Sparkling Water

New flavor for us. Nixie Black Cherry Lime Sparkling Water

Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener Honeysuckle Scent

Lakanto Monkfruit

Monkfruit Extract Drops. THE IMMORTALS' FRUIT Monk fruit is a small round fruit in the gourd family, also known as Luo Han Guo, named after the Luo Han monks who discovered it. The monks were healers of people and stewards of the land. We carry on that tradition today...

Tom Bumble

Tom Bumble Nutty (peanut butter flake candy with peanuts and chocolate) and Tom Bumble Smooth (peanut butter flake candy with chocolate) from Portland Oregon. Back in stock after a long time.

Yelm Food Co-op Special Deal

Organic Soy Sauces

It’s been years and we’ve finally found some Organic Soy Sauce options for you. Soy is Shoyu. We have Ohsawa Nama Shoyu & San-J Organic Shoyu Brewed Soy Sauce. Ohsawa Nama Shoyu is Unpasteurized - Fresh & Alive! Made with mountain spring water Naturally low in...

Cadia Fruit Smoothie

How about a taste bud explosion summer smoothie in the middle of winter? Cadia organic cherries and mangoes will do the job.