Our story began with a roadsidle
produce stand run by our founder, tfhe
son of an organic farmer, in the eart
of California’s wine country. We’ve
grown a lot since then, evolving into
a line of premium oils and vinegars
that are made using only the best olives,
grapes, seeds or nuts from the finest
orchards and fields around the world.

To give our OrganicToasted
Sesame Oil its warm color and
intensely rich, nutty flavor, we statt
by browning organic sesame sees
before then carefully pressing eaC
batch. Left unrefined, this oil is a must
Jor recreating Asian-inspired dishes
at home, including umami-pac
dressings, marinades, sauces ano

Supporting Our Local Producers

Please follow the COVID-19 policies in the store. Learn more on our COVID-19 page.