Caulipower Chicken Tenders

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Staff just love these. We cook ‘em up crispy and dip them in whatever we can get our hands on!! The Spicy(ish) Chicken Tenders aren’t too spicy!

Meet the New Chick On The Block: Delicious CAULIPOWER frozen chicken tenders. No cluckin’ way! This Meal Hack reinvents another one of America’s favorite comfort foods proving that a childhood staple, the chicken tender, CAN be better-for-you!

The golden, crispy coating of our Chicken Tenders is veggie-forward, packed with cauliflower and other gluten-free goodness. BAKED (never fried) means the lowest calories & fat of any frozen chicken tender1. You can eat the whole darn bag for only 490 calories! Our Original Chicken Tenders have no artificial ingredients, zero saturated fat, zero added sugar, 30% fewer net carbs, 22% more protein, and 21% more fiber than the category averages1.

Made with NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken that’s all-natural2, raised with no antibiotics ever, and cage-free.

Real, Honest Ingredients

Feeding your family (or, let’s be honest, just yourself) food that’s full of vitamins, nutrients, and lean protein shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor. That’s why CAULIPOWER, the company that brought you America’s favorite cauliflower crust pizza, created these tasty Chicken Tenders. Once you try the juicy chicken and crispy, crunchy better-for-you coating of CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders, you’ll never go back!

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