Local Tunawerth Buttermilk

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We love filling customers requests. Here’s Buttermilk from local Dairy Tunawerth.

Made Good

Made Good

Homemade to go. Soft Baked Cookies When we set out to bake cookies we wanted them to be like homemade: soft, moist and tender. MadeGood® Soft Baked Cookies are everything you crave. They are just the right size, low in sugar, gluten-free, packed with a serving of...

Make your own Organic Smoothie

Make your own Organic Smoothie

Pour the fruit into the blender then add your liquid of choice filled to the line in the cup. For a thicker consistency add less liquid. Blend until smooth, pour back into the cup, and enjoy! Struggling with health issues in his early life, the founder of LiveMore...

Fox Island Trading

Fox Island Trading

Here are the customer recommended Fox Island Trading beautifully made local bath products. Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath Bars, Shower Steamers and Shower Mist. Perfect for Stocking Stuffers. And here are the CBD Bath Bombs, they make wonderful Stocking Stuffers.

Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding

If you’re British, you’ll recognize this Walkers Luxury Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding. We only have five left!



Glutathione is central to good health. If it’s lacking in the body, the best way for the body to synthesize it is by intravenous injection. The second way is by Terry Naturally’s Glutathione which features a unique, patented Slow Melt tablet, Clinical Glutathione was...

Holiday baking options

Holiday baking options. One Degree Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour and Arrowhead Mills Organic White Flour, Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener; new large size Golden Raw Cane Replacement, joins our White and Powdered. Azure Standard Organic Milk Powder, Swerve Baking...

Holiday Candy

Holiday Candy

Holiday candy from Sjaaks. Always organic, we brought back their Salted Caramels in new packaging. Elegant boxes of Orange, Cherry and Almond truffles in Fark Chocolate and Mint with Candy Cane Melk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crunch Dark Chocolate Snowmeeples.



QUERCETIN: is a flavonoid found in certain plants and foods, including red wine, green tea, and apples. Today, people prize quercetin for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It also might help to improve respiratory function, mitigate allergies, and limit...

Organic Prairie Ground Pork

We’ve had customer requests for Organic Prairie Ground Pork, so here it is. It’s Organic Prairie, the same brand as our much loved Organic Prairie Ground Beef. “Our hogs are raised unconfined and bedded on thick straw, given plenty of room to roam, and access to fresh...


Some new tasty cookie choices. Rustic Bakery Vanilla Butter Snowflake Cookies and Tate’s Gingersnap Cookies. Yum

Cod and Shrimp

Alaskan Cod LEAN & FLAKY FILLETS As odd as it sounds, cod could be considered the Levi’s of the seafood world – traditionally popular, straightforward, dependable & satisfying. Our Alaska fillets will exceed expectations, they are skinned & trimmed to...

Lily’s and Chocolove

It’s chocolate time! Here are some new selections from Lily’s with their own Blood Orange bar and Baking Bars with no added sugar; and a much requested larger size of the Chocolove Orange Peel as we keep selling out of the smaller bars!

Lily of the Desert

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera products are clean and a great value. Drink to your health! Our aloe vera gels contain the same 200 biologically-active components as our juices, but have a thicker consistency than the juice. Some consumers find this thicker consistency...


Dandies Pumpkin and Peppermint for the holidays. A better Marshmallow: Dandies Marshmallows are made with NO Artificial Flavors Or Colors, NO Corn Syrup, NO Gelatin, and NO Gluten. Our plant based marshmallows are Non-GMO Project Verified and kosher. Traditional...

Saving the Planet one batch of Laundry at a time!

Now at the Yelm Food Co-op. Saving the Planet one batch of Laundry at a time! No more huge heavy plastic laundry jugs that take 450-500 years to decompose! Pop one of these tear off pieces straight into you washing machine or you can just tear the strip up and put it...

Raclette Cheese

We pride ourselves in finding some excellent cheeses for you, given our small cheese space. Mirforma Raclette is delicious straight from the fridge or cooked in the traditional Swiss way, where it is grilled and served with new potatoes, pickled onions and cornichon...


Continuing our adventure into Europe, we have Bresaola from the Italian Alps, it’s an air cured beef that has a soft almost creamy texture. In the German Alps it’s called Bunderfleisch, in the French Alps it’s called La Viande des Grisons.

Face Masks

Chico makes great attachable Bamboo Utensils and Shopping Bags that our customers love to pick up for themselves or as gifts. They now have a very well priced Face Mask that comes with a cover that can be clipped to your purse. The Face Mask comes with adjustable ear...

Organic Chocolate covered Ginger

Organic Chocolate Covered Ginger. This Gingery treat has a thick coating of Organic almost unsweetened Dark Chocolate with a piece of Organic Crystallized Ginger inside that makes just the right combination of flavor and sweetness. Check out our bagged section for...

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