Kerr Glass Jars with Lids

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Our Pickling & Canning Department just doubled in size! We now have Kerr glass jars with lids. Half pints, pints and quarts are sold by the case.

The Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. began in Portland, OR in 1904. Though it was not actually a manufacturer at its inception, Kerr offered the ‘Economy’ brand of mason jar produced for them by the Illinois-Pacific Glass Co..

The Kerr name first appeared on a mason jar in 1915 as ‘Kerr Economy’. Later, the “Economy” was dropped, and the Kerr name was featured prominently, along with “Self Sealing”, as ‘Kerr Self Sealing Trademark Reg’. “Self Sealing” was first trademarked by Kerr in 1934, but the term was first used by Kerr as far back as 1904.

Since then, Kerr has grown to be the most recognizable American mason jar brand next to Ball, and one of very few mason jar brands still in production over a century later. In 1992 the Kerr glass plants, along with the rights to the Kerr trademark, were acquired by the Ball Corporation, later spun off it’s canning jar business into what would ultimately be known as Jarden Home Brands which owns the Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, and Golden Harvest

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