Terry Naturally Quercetin with Vitamin C

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Terry Naturally Quercetin from the Japanese pagoda tree & Vitamin C

  • Strong Immune Support
  • Sinus, Lung, & Respiratory Function
  • Healthy Histamine Levels*

Quercetin Working at its Fullest Potential

While quercetin is well-known for its potential to support a healthy immune response, respiratory function, and healthy histamine levels, the fat-soluble flavonoid can also be difficult for the body to absorb.

That’s why this product features our exclusive GammaSorb delivery system. GammaSorb is a plant-based material that binds to nutrients, making them more easily absorbed and bioavailable for optimal benefits. It helps deliver a higher level of support for your overall health.*

Synergy that Delivers for Immune Support *

Vitamin C can also aid in quercetin absorption, making it even more effective, and it is a key nutrient for healthy immune function.*

When it comes to immune support, Quercetin with Vitamin C provides two of the most highly regarded nutrients that consistently deliver.*

For more information on the research, ask for a Terry Naturally product sheet.

Respiratory;  Allergies, Asthma, COPD

Brain and Mental Function

Metabolic Syndrome

Immune Function

Heart Disease and Cancer






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