Hot Babe Hot Sauces

by | May 29, 2021 | Canned/Packaged Goods, Condiments, Milks & Sauces, Sauces | 0 comments

HOTBABE-HOTSAUCE is back on our shelves!  The Yelm Food Co-op was the first store to carry Sandra Bocas’s fresh refrigerated lime-based hot sauces back in 2013.    Eight year later and true to her vision, HOTBABE-HOTSAUCE is now the brand encompassing her signature lime-based fresh hot sauces, her seasonal fruit-based fresh hot sauces and launched last year, the very popular trio of shelf stable Caribbean hot sauces – Chillin n Grillin, Scotch Bonnet Mustard and Trini Hot.  If you are looking for, or curious to explore, the unique flavors of the Caribbean with a range of heat from hot to very hot to sizzling give these hyper local hot sauces a try.

Acid League Vinegar and Vinaigrette

Acid League Vinegar and Vinaigrette

Acid League has some really interesting Living Vinagers and Vinaigrettes. Every vinegar we make is Living Vinegar. We call them Living Vinegar because they’re literally alive, with living vinegar mother in every bottle. Raw and unfiltered, prebiotic, functional, and...

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