Beyond Organic Raw Cashew Butter

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Health Benefits of Cashew Butter

Most nut butters offer some nutrients, but cashew butter is one of the healthiest forms you can choose. While the below are some of the health benefits you can get from eating cashew butter, there are many more where these came from.

Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is critical to keeping the body fit and healthy. Regular consumption of magnesium helps to keep muscles in shape and optimizes the metabolic functions and immune system in the body. In addition to these functions, magnesium can also regulate blood pressure levels and calcium absorption. Because cashews are full of magnesium, cashew butter is a great way to get enough of this mineral in your diet.

Less Fat Than Other Nut Butters

All nuts contain fat, which means all nut butters will contain fat. However, the fats found in cashews tend to be healthy, or polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, fats. Cashew butter will also contain less fat than other nut butters, especially peanut butter. In addition to less fat, cashew butter also has less sugar and calories than peanut butter, making it a healthy option among its competitors.

Protein Source

Though other nut butters may contain more protein, they also contain more fat and sugar, and cashew butter still offers a good amount. Especially if you don’t eat a lot of animal meat, cashew butter can easily supplement your diet and provide a vegetable source of protein.

Contains Iron and Selenium

Having enough iron in your diet is important to prevent anemia and fatigue, and cashew butter contains a good amount of iron, especially when it is made with raw cashews. In addition to iron, raw cashew butter also contains selenium. This helps improve health by fighting free radicals, stopping them from causing damage to DNA membranes and cells.

Improves Cardiac Health

Cashews are well known as a dietary element that can improve heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases. A healthy, functioning heart is vital to quality of life and overall health, making cashew butter good for you. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in cashews actually fight the development of high cholesterol levels, which can be dangerous. Lower cholesterol also helps reduce the risk of various heart diseases that can occur.

Can Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is increasingly common, and while many people live with the disease, it can also lead to strict restrictions and other health issues when it occurs. When possible, it’s preferable to prevent diabetes from developing rather than trying to alter it after the fact. Cashew butter can help regulate blood sugar levels, the prime driver for diabetes.

Reduce Risk of Gallbladder Problems

If you’ve ever had gallbladder stones, you know they can be not only annoying but extremely painful. Cashew butter has been shown to reduce the risk of gallbladder stones, especially in women who may be more prone to them.

These are just some of the health benefits provided by cashews and cashew butter, making it a great choice for your diet!

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