Membership has it's privelages

Become a part of your local Food Coop.  To join the new Yelm Food Cooperatives’ equity membership download the application form below and drop it off at the store or mail it to Yelm Food Cooperative, PO Box 2583, Yelm, WA 98597. Membership is $100 Lifetime.  You can pay all at once or $25/year over the next 4 years. Hope to welcome you to the Yelm Food Cooperative soon!

Download Membership Application

Benefits of Membership

Member Discount & Member Only Sale Items

Not only do members receive a discount on all store items,  you will see member only sale cards all around the store offering even more deals.

Come in on Wednesday for a 10% discount

For a limited time we are offering 10% off on Wednesdays as a way to support our members.

Supporting Our Local Producers

Taleggio Cheese Recipes

We want to encourage our customers to try our Taleggio Cheese. It's so delicious. Here's an Italian version of a ham and cheese sandwich! Another recipe that includes our wonderful...

Field Day

More from Field Roast. Their plant based Nuggets join the new Miniature Corn Dogs and Caramelized Onion Sausage. These are their best sellers and taste delicious.

The Freshest Tasting Salsa in a jar!

They say if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why our original corn tortilla strips have been around since the beginning of Green Mountain Gringo. Cooked in safflower oil or sunflower oil and sprinkled with sea salt, these stoneground organic yellow corn flour...

Annie Chuns Seaweed Snacks

Annie Chuns Organic Seaweed Snacks in various flavors and sizes. Never feel guilty about snacking again! These light and airy sheets of seaweed are lightly seasoned for a satisfyingly savory crunch. They’re irresistibly delicious—and they’re gluten-free, dairy-free...

Zevia Caffeine Free Cola

ABOUT CAFFEINE FREE COLA It’s finally here, a zero calorie, caffeine free diet cola with nothing artificial. Meet Zevia Cola's laid back soda sister, Zevia Caffeine Free Cola. It has the citrus and spicy flavors loved in classic cola without the caffeine kick. Perfect...

Collagen Oatmeal

Our Vanilla Pecan Collagen Oatmeal is now available in pouch form, making it easier to enjoy your favorite oatmeal at home day after day - with less waste! Our Collagen Protein Oatmeal is crafted with premium Grass-fed Bovine Collagen for a protein boost, along with...

Barnacle Foods

Furikake; This blend of dried kelp, toasted sesame seeds, bonito flakes, and a dash of sugar give instant richness to any food you top it on. Inspired by Japanese furikake blends, this mix tops anything from rice, seafood, meats, to salads or popcorn. Keep it in your...

Nixie Organic Sparkling Water

As a lover of both sparkling water and home-brewed tea, I started creating my own combination of the two in my kitchen. Our Teas & Botanicals flavors use delicious infusions of organically caffeinated green and black tea and organic botanicals like zingy ginger...

Goldenthread Elderberry

Elderberry Defense contains herbs used historically in both Eastern and Western traditions related to the “defensive qi.” Also known as Wei Qi, this portion of our energy acts as a sentry, protecting and consolidating our borders. This formula is based on a powerful...


We got hot, we got sandy, and we tripped on desert plants, but we’d do it all over again to bring you this deliciously golden agave. We source our agave directly from local organic and non-GMO farmers who share our values of doing good for people and the earth. We now...

New COVID-19 Requirements in effect!
Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-25.8, Stay Safe-Stay Healthy, these requirements are effective November 16, 2020
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