Kerrygold Blarney Castle Cheese & Kerrygold Pure Irish Soft Butter

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It would be hypocritical of us to produce a gourmet Irish cheese called Blarney Castle without living up to its heritage. So automatically it has to be a 100% natural grass-fed cheese without a speck of artificial flavors or additives. Blarney Castle is a mild and creamy cow’s milk cheese with rich and velvety undertones. It both feels and tastes similar to a young Dutch Gouda cheese and makes a perfect complement to fresh fruit and a glass of crisp wine, like Sauvignon Blanc.


Our Naturally Softer Butter is unlike anything else in the world. The milk that grass-fed Kerrygold cows produce in the summer months is highest in naturally softer milkfat. We use a special process to gently churn this summer milk to create a softer, more spreadable natural butter.

For Safety’s Sake

For Safety’s Sake

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