Greetings from the Yelm Food Co-op Board of Directors!

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The Yelm Food Co-op Board of Directors wishes you a beautiful Spring Season!

The health and well-being of you, our members, our beloved staff, and our member
volunteers is our number one priority at the moment. We are working quickly to
respond to the ever changing conditions, and thanks to our management group and
our truly amazing team of volunteer members, we are doing it!

This is the time to thank everyone who works and volunteers at the Yelm Food Co-op
for the outstanding job they’ve all done during these challenging times. Everyone has stepped up to the plate and given 200%, to make sure that the Yelm Food Co-op continues to serve the community and its needs. We cannot say enough to thank them
all for their dedication.

To keep us all safe, we have implemented certain policies that are recommended by the Washington State Department of Health. Our staff are key to controlling the spread of the Coronavirus, and we have reminded them to wash their hands often, to increase
the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, and of the importance of not coming to work if they are not feeling well.

To help make that possible, we have focused on cross-training, so that our store can continue to function efficiently, even if
a particular employee or volunteer is absent. In addition, we ask all employees, volunteers, and members, to respect our social distance policy of as much as 6 feet whenever possible. Gloves have also been provided for customers throughout the store. For example.

Stay safe, healthy, and wise, and thank you for supporting your Co-op.


The Yelm Food Co-op Board of Directors

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